Useful Links

This page is for the links for products that I have found useful and use for


Proxmox - A quite amazing (and free) Hypervisor/Virtualization server. Includes support for full and container-level virtualization.

TurnKey Linux - A project for quickly deploying the most common server configurations. Quite handy.

Media Center

Kodi - An old but still actively developed and amazing media center software (Renamed from XBMC).

Odroid-C1+ - An awesome little Single Board Computer that competes with the Raspberry Pi but with a better processor.

OpenElec - A stripped linux OS specifically to run Kodi. Has pre-built images for a number of devices, including some community ones for the Odroid-C1.


APU1 - One of the only decently priced single board computers with 3 gigabit ethernet, making it an amazing firewall device.

PfSense - I have done a lot of firewall searching and reviews on my Blog, pfSense has so far been the best.